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Richard Corales, M.D.

What more can I say than “Thank you, once again!”  I had to smile when last week I thought, I’m too old for this, and then realized that most people are probably only just starting their journey at this age.  In my case, I feel like you’ve watched me “grow up” through the years, and you have always been there when I needed you.  By now, you must realize that I would NEVER let another doctor touch my spine!  I feel incredibly blessed to have gotten so much relief from each and every surgery, and I don’t take that lightly!  I’ve always understood the importance of going into these surgeries with a positive mental fortitude.  I know that 22 years ago, when I first walked into your office that I picked the best there is!  And thank goodness for that, because who would have ever thought that I would be back so many times.  I can’t dwell on the past and wonder why, because I think so much of life’s circumstances defy explanation.  I like your comment that “life is dynamic”.  I know that there is still much healing to take place, but the results have been so remarkable!  There has even been a wonderful surprise that I was not expecting.  When my husband wraps his arms around me, his arm crosses the uppermost part of mine. For years, I would wince at the pain that I felt with pressure on the left side.  I always assumed it was associated with my broken arm.  I’ve sprained everything imaginable, but waited until I was 50 years old to chase a puppy around the house, slip on a wet spot in the kitchen and go down so hard as to separate and break my arm/shoulder.  I just assumed the pain was associated with that injury.  Well, the first time he wrapped his arms around me after surgery, I didn’t feel any pain.  What a sweet and precious gift!!!!!  I look forward to seeing you on a more casual basis at Tulane sporting events and I thank you with all of my heart for the most treasured gift of an overwhelmingly enhanced quality of life!   – Elizabeth      

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